Banda Group International, LLC

Occupational Safety & Health Support for Transportation Security Administration



BGI provided Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) Specialists as full-time resources and technical experts for CACI International’s contract to support the Department of Homeland Security and Transportation Security Administration’s (TSA) Office of Occupational Safety, Health, and Environment (OSHE).  OSHE has oversight responsibility for all occupational safety and health activities within TSA promoting a “Culture of Safety.”  BGI was responsible for domestic U.S. airports and field locations in the south central and western U.S. serving as an extension of OSHE by providing technical services in consultation and collaboration with the office.

BGI’s support services were provided in the areas of program development and implementation; training development, evaluation, and instruction; communications and outreach; technical assistance, inspections, and abatement strategies; program evaluation; committee support; and completion and refinement of work products initiated under previous contracts.

At the assigned airports, we conducted baseline and on-going job hazard analyses of all work areas, work processes, emerging technologies, and new TSA workplaces to address any occupational safety and health hazards. In addition, we performed specialized studies and assessments of ergonomic, industrial hygiene, health physics, and other workplace safety and health issues. For existing and new technologies, BGI Safety Specialists conducted reviews, tests, and analysis for potential radiation, chemical, or biological health hazard exposure to TSA employees. Corrective actions resulting from any identified unsafe or unhealthful working conditions in accordance with regulatory requirements were investigated and tracked to identify causal/contributory factors and prevent future occurrences. All activities were documented, managed, analyzed, and communicated in TSA-provided electronic system of record – Safety Information System (SIS) – including job hazard analyses; formal annual inspections; specialized studies or assessments; OSHA compliance audits, injuries, and illnesses; damage to property, equipment, or facilities; abatement strategies; and corrective actions. BGI also provided training development and course delivery through instructor-led and web-based media to support program implementation and employee safety awareness.

BGI received the CACI Team Eagle Award for our outstanding customer service.