Banda Group International, LLC

Nuclear and Non-Nuclear Construction Oversight and Construction Management Services for DOE and NNSA



Since November 2014, BGI has been performing nuclear construction oversight and construction management services for capital line item projects at Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL). This work began under a subcontract to MPR Associates, Inc. for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) and now continues under three separate prime contracts for nuclear and non-nuclear construction field support, technical support, and quality assurance (QA) for the National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) Office of Acquisition and Project Management (APM), LANL Project Management Office (PMO).

Under these contracts, BGI provides expertise and recommendations to the Federal Project Directors (FPD) in planning, managing, and executing construction activities in operating nuclear and non-nuclear facilities and in the implementation of DOE-specific design, safety, commissioning, and operating requirements. BGI has overseen the construction, renovation, and/or installation of warehouses, laboratories, open front enclosures, new and refurbished glove box enclosures, and fume hoods.

BGI’s on-site staff assist the government with field oversight of construction activities, ensure work control processes and procedures are effectively implemented and optimized, and that work is safely and effectively coordinated with the facility operations team. Our work includes producing plans, reports, briefings, meeting minutes, and other reporting requirements. BGI has developed a collaborative relationship with the LANL PMO Management and the Triad Engineering/Project Teams to resolve project issues and facilitate continuous improvement.

Recently, we have provided oversight on the following projects at LANL having a cumulative total project costs in excess of $1B:


  • Radiological Laboratory Utility Office Building (RLUOB)
  • Chemistry and Metallurgy Research Replacement (CMRR-REI, CMRR-REI-1 & -2)
  • TA-55 Reinvestment Project Phase II & III (TRP II & TRP III) 
  • TRU Waste Facility Project (TWF) 
  • Rad Liquid Waste Treatment Facility Upgrades Project (RLWTF-UP) 
  • Transuranic Liquid Waste (TLW)
  • TA-3 Substation Replacement Project (TA-3 SSRP) 
  • Nuclear Material Safeguards and Security Upgrades Project (NMSSUP)
  • Three Warehouse Complexes to support CMRR