Banda Group International, LLC

Mixed Waste Landfill & Evapotranspirative Cover, Technical Area III



BGI maintains three engineered disposal site evapotranspirative (ET) covers at the Mixed Waste Landfill (MWL), the Chemical Waste Landfill (CWL), and the Corrective Action Management Unit (CAMU). The sites are operated under RCRA permits issued by the New Mexico Environment Department (NMED).

The MWL is a fenced, 2.6-acre Solid Waste Management Unit (SWMU) located in the central portion of Kirtland Air Force Base (KAFB). The MWL was a disposal area for low-level radioactive and minor amounts of mixed waste generated by Sandia National Laboratories (SNL) research facilities from March 1959 through December 1988. Waste disposed of in the landfill included organic compounds, oils, depleted uranium, lead shielding, activation products, beryllium, sodium, lithium, neutron generator tubes, liquid scintillation vials, contaminated equipment, decontamination materials, construction debris, contaminated soils, and solid wastes. The landfill is separated from groundwater by 500 feet of dry clays, sands, and gravels. The NMED-approved final remedy for the MWL is ~3-foot thick (ET) solid cover with a bio-intrusion barrier.

BGI maintains the integrity of the covers by removing weeds, placing new weed barrier as needed, and installing gravel. BGI performs erosion control and repair in accordance with the Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP).

BGI is providing supplemental watering for the CWL cover at the recommendation of SNL’s biologist. BGI provides this watering using the SNL-supplied big sprinkler system in accordance with a procedure specified in SNL Field Operating Procedure (FOP) 17-01 and the CWL Post-Closure Care Permit. Each watering event requires one 9-hour day to complete.