Banda Group International, LLC

Ferrous Sulfate Cleanup, Technical Area III



The scope of work for this task was to containerize bags of ferrous sulfate into 55-gallon drums. These bags of ferrous sulfate were used on previous projects within Technical Area III and deteriorated over time and needed to be containerized for waste disposal. BGI conducted work activities under the existing Contract Specific Safety Plan (CSSP). A job hazard analysis (JHA) was prepared for the additional hazards associated with this task. The JHA was approved by the Sandia Delegated Representative (SDR) prior to conducting field activities and was reviewed by all field personnel prior to conducting the work. BGI delivered the following:


  • Prepared addendum to the CSSP and review and update AHA;
  • Containerized the 50 lb. bags of Ferrous Sulfate into 55-gallon drums. Drums were only filled half full in order to not exceed weight requirements for disposal;
  • Containerized all associated PPE used during containerization activities;
  • Coordinated with Environmental Remediation Field Office (ERFO) personnel on proper labeling of the drums; 
  • Loaded and hauled the drums to the ERFO 90-day storage area; and
  • Prepared and submitted letter report detailing activities.