Banda Group International, LLC

Characterization, Waste Packaging, and Remediation Associated with TA-21 Project

LOCATION: Los Alamos National Laboratory, NM

CLIENT: Newport Nuclear News BWXT – Los Alamos (N3B)

While excavating to install septic tanks for restroom facilities at Technical Area 21, N3B discovered abandoned steam lines containing asbestos insulation covers. BGI was tasked to excavate, abate, and remove the asbestos containing steam lines. BGI subcontracted with a licensed New Mexico General Contractor and licensed asbestos abatement company for the removal. BGI oversaw all aspects of the project including site-specific training, health and safety, removal permitting, and field performance of the abatement and removals. The removed asbestos containing steam pipe was handled and packaged for disposal according to requirements of the New Mexico Environment Department. In addition to removing approximately, 15’ of steam pipe, BGI also excavated and removed a 30 ft3 concrete slab and abandoned electrical and water lines at no additional cost to the client. Abatement and removal activities were concluded within four days.