BGI Employees Are Recognized by Client.

General Electric (GE) Renewable Projects and Services has recognized three BGI employees for superior service in providing Environmental, Health, and Safety (EHS) support to GE windfarm construction projects. 

Thomas Beatty received the GE Global EHS Coin of Excellence.  “Not only has he done an outstanding job for GE at Beech Ridge II [Wind Farm], the customer, (Invenergy) has looked to him as their source of guidance and information when it comes to all hands meetings. Also, this is his first wind project and he has done an outstanding  job learning the, sometimes difficult, GE system. He brings a new prospective and new insights from other industries to this job. Finally, his work on the LM Spider basket was relentless.  If he had not investigated that issue further those LM techs would have been on GE sites, not equipped per their TWI and using a piece of equipment (the winch) that is not approved by Spider to use.” – Dennis Rouwhorst, GE Site Manager

Carleton Collins was awarded the GE Global EHS Coin of Excellence. He found discrepancies in the reports and took detailed care and time to correct all errors which led to him to complete and closeout the project in a timely and accurate manner. “I wanted to express to you that I have had an opportunity to work with Mr. Carleton Collins. He has done an outstanding performance here at East Fork [Wind Farm]. He is my fourth EHS specialist here since this project started February 18th, 2019. He has managed to discover all of the mistakes that have been made by previous EHS reps….Even though I am impressed with the work he has done on the computer, I am more impressed with the performance and attention to detail he has on paperwork from the techs. He doesn’t pencil whip his job. He is a good people person and has a way of relating to the techs in a professional manner and has earned their respect. I have enjoyed working with Carleton very much. I really feel that he is a diamond in your pocket. Hang on to him, as he is the best EHS specialist I have worked with in years.” – Jammie L. Walker, Lead Site Leadership Specialist, GE Renewables

Dolores Gonzales received the GE Global Coin of Excellence.  “I just wanted to let you know that Dolores Gonzales our EHS manager at the Prevailing Wind Site was an incredible asset in our success. Dolores was very valuable during several emergencies such as, arc flashes and crane failures.  Dolores kept our team safe in support of challenging delivery of tasks and unique customer demands. Her abilities and contributions are an important key to GE’s success in this project.   Her efforts have not gone unnoticed her GE team members. Her professionalism and dedication are to be commended.” – Peter Latka, GE Site Manager