IH Support Services: Nuclear Waste Facility

IH Support Services: Nuclear Waste Facility

Location: New Mexico

BGI provided safety analysis and engineering support for the Regulated Waste/Nuclear Material Disposition Department Radioactive/Mixed Waste Management Facility (RMWMF) in Albuquerque, NM.  The complex consisted of several buildings designed and used for storage, treatment, and packaging of radioactive and mixed hazardous/radioactive wastes.

A specific aspect of this project was facilitating support to the Hazard Category 3 Waste Transportation Safety Program, which included:

  • Comprehensive safety analysis of loading processes to transportation vehicles
  • Load securement and balancing systems
  • Vehicle safety inspections
  • Transportation route/hazards evaluation
  • Waste packaging and transport certifications
  • Verification and validation of transportation program planning with applicable laws and regulations, as well as protocol
  • Coordination of transportation safety issues with regulatory agencies and owner