Construction of Linear Accelerator Laboratory

Construction of Linear Accelerator Laboratory


BGI provided on-site EHS program management services to a General Contractor during the construction operation at a Linear Accelerator Laboratory in Palo Alto, CA.

Some of the daily roles and responsibilities for this project included:

  • Field safety oversight
  • Daily scaffold sign off and fire extinguishers
  • Identification and mitigation of hazardous behaviors and conditions
  • Perform safety trending audit and analysis
  • Conduct safety observations and provide follow-up and coaching

In addition to the day-to-day tasks, BGI was responsible for facilitating and participating in regularly scheduled Safety Committee and Stewardship Meetings.  At these meetings, BGI personnel presented safety-related issues and provided analysis and recommendations to the General Contractor and subcontractors.  BGI assisted in the development of materials for the Safety Communication Boards that were located in various construction site areas.  BGI also provided on-site medical assistance to injured workers, as needed and ensured proper medical supplies were maintained and available in the event of an injury or emergency.