Elisonia Valle
Business Development Manager

Elisonia Valle

Elisonia Valle, MS is the Business Development Manager for Banda Group International, LLC. In this role, Ms. Valle oversees activities related to contacting, meeting and establishing new business relationships in various markets for the purpose of securing profitable relationships.  She also serves as a technical resource to BGI staff in aspects related to project management of field operations to ensure compliance with customer expectations and deliverables.

Elisonia has 20 years of experience delivering professional safety, customer service and human resources support. She has worked and collaborated with the following companies/organizations: AstraZeneca, General Electric (Power & Water), First Solar, National Amusements, Pepsi Co, Turner Construction Company, Wenner Bread Products, Department of Labor OSHA, Voluntary Protection Program Participants’ Association, American Society of Safety Engineers to name a few.

Ms. Valle has provided support in areas that include but are not limited to development, implementation and administration of EHS programs, VPP processes, Human Resources Programs, Safety Quality Food compliance, American Institute of Baking compliance, professional development conferences, public relations and outreach activities. Additionally, Ms. Valle has provided professional technical translation and interpretation in the Spanish language, safety performance analysis, coaching, training development and delivery.

Ms. Valle holds a B.A. in Media Communication from the University of Sacred Heart, Saturce, Puerto Rico and M.S. in Human Resource Management from C.W. Post Long Island University, Brooklyn, New York.