Message from the President
Zeferino Banda Jr. CSP-President & CEO

Message from the President

When BGI was founded in 2003 I knew I wanted to establish a company with the intention to develop something bigger than myself. I strived to create an enterprise that could benefit not only my family and my staff, but to have a positive impact in the lives of the individuals and organizations that I came in contact with. As of today, BGI continues that pursuit and remains on a linear path to stay ahead of the rapid changes in the global market. We are prepared to expand our business portfolio with the intention to achieve market diversification. To this end we are proud to announce the launch of our new website which showcases BGI’s most recent diverse business strategies. With this in mind, we are looking to increase efficiency to successfully cement our brand and continue to reach our target markets and prospective customer base.

Our well established and successful reputation in the EHS industry is mainly motivated by my unwavering belief that all incidents and injuries are preventable. I have seen first-hand what happens if safety is not taken seriously. It is by aligning with organizations that stand by similar business practices that BGI continues to enjoy business from repeat customers and their referrals. In fact, we have diversified our services to include a full range of technical services in several other disciplines and we are now a successful federal government contractor providing program management support to several agencies with varying contracting mechanisms.

At BGI we continue to pride ourselves on exemplary service and customer satisfaction, and we remain steadfast and faithful to our core safety values, both where we work and live.

I hope you enjoy the new improved look and feel of our website.


Thank you

Zeferino Banda Jr., CSP

President & CEO